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On the other hand, a website will load without problems even if there is no rDNS entry.

One common use case for reverse DNS is for email servers. Email servers can use reverse DNS lookup in the fight against unwanted mail.

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Some servers will automatically block any incoming mail from a sender IP address which does not have reverse DNS records in place. However, it is not a fool-proof method and is simply an additional trick email servers use.

Another noted use case for reverse DNS lookup is for server logs. It can render long logs in a more human-readable format by adding domain names, instead of just displaying IP addresses.

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Without a pointer record the reverse DNS lookup will fail. If there is a pointer record the rDNS lookup will return a result. You can use a couple of tools which will execute a reverse DNS lookup command for you:.

How to setup Reverse DNS and PTR records | ITworld

This way you know that they have interest in you. You can provide this information to your sales team, and they can take it from there.

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This zone is directly related to the size of your IP network. In the network You just add a new record; this will be for the first IP For more information on how to create PTR record including a video tutorial, visit this page.

Step 2: Request Reverse DNS Delegation

The last step is to change the name servers of your reverse zone at your IP provider or ask them to do it. As you can see, rDNS is is critical for business success.

Your email address will not be published. What is the purpose of PTR records? Each PTR must have one. Conclusion As you can see, rDNS is is critical for business success.

What is reverse DNS and why should you care?

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