How can you find out if someone died

To access their GP records, apply to the records manager in the relevant local area. The deceased person's GP can tell you who to contact. GP records are generally retained for 10 years after the patient's death before they're destroyed. For hospital records, the record holder is the records manager at the hospital the person attended.

Community groups or local councils may arrange services to help care for your house or garden.

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Some of these services are free and some may be provided only after your needs have been assessed. You may want to stay in your family home. However, if this is difficult, think about all the options carefully before you decide on a change.

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Moving too quickly may not be the best solution. You can talk to a Financial Information Services officer. They can give you information about how major decisions you make could affect the payment you receive from us.

You may want information that we have about the person who has died. You may need this information to apply for funeral assistance, tax and to finalise the estate. To get this information you'll need to complete the Executor or Administrator Request for information form. There are a range of other organisations that provide support services and useful information you may find helpful.

You can use Payment and Service Finder to find help in your local area.

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First steps when someone has died - Which?

MoneySmart has information to help you make the most of your money. Read the Losing your partner section on the MoneySmart website. Financial Counselling Australia is the peak body for financial counsellors in Australia. They can put you in touch with a financial counsellor if you are in financial difficulty. Headspace is the national youth mental health foundation.

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They can help young people who are going through a tough time. If you are experiencing depression, anxiety or stress, you may find it helpful to talk to somebody about your mental health. Lifeline is a national charity open to all Australians in personal crisis.

They have 24 hour crisis support and suicide prevention services. Solace Australia provides support for people who have lost their partner.

What to do if someone dies abroad

Individuals Sign in. Home Individuals All subjects What to do following a death. We have information in different languages about What to do following a death. Concession and health care cards. Concession and health care cards can get you cheaper health services and medicines. Crisis and special help. Page last updated: 6 November Was this page useful? It was helpful to me. It was well written.

Registering the death

The content makes sense. The layout or style made it easy to read. Something else. One of the following people needs to sign the application:. To apply, fill in the ACC21 form. Drop this at your local ACC branch, or send it by post or email. ACC21 Advice of accidental death.

Trying to find out if someone died

Send us your application. Call us if you need any help or advice to fill out the form.

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We can arrange for someone to help and give you any information you may need. Contact us. When we get your application, we'll assign you a recovery team. The ACC21 form gives you the choice to have someone else deal with us on your behalf. This may be:. This amount changes every year.