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Offering a slew of services for a monthly subscription, the MOTOsafety piggybacks on wireless 3G networks for peace of mind. The downloadable Android and iOS smartphone apps allow users to track device location, set geofences around a school or home for teens, as well as receive a daily driver's report card for seeing how your teen handled the vehicle that day. Users will also find the route replay worthwhile, which allows parents to review teen driving routes for excessive speeding and harsh braking. With ODB support available, the MOTOsafety can easily be moved from vehicle to vehicle for a family to track different vehicles during the course of a week.

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At first glance, the BrickHouse Security Spark Nano offers basically everything else that other micro-sized trackers offer. By default, it supports minute-by-minute updates for vehicle location, though you can increase the frequency of those notifications with the Rapid Track option that can be called up on-demand. The subscription plan you have to purchase with this tracker is a month-to-month contract so you can cancel it at any time without penalty.

While most GPS trackers are used for security or theft protection, a product like the Mileage Ace car GPS tracker is an accounting and logistics department dream. Measuring 4. When installed, the Ace tracker takes over once the car engine is turned on and easily uploads its data through a Wi-Fi connection directly to its custom online software that automatically builds mileage logs for every user.

How To Detect Hidden GPS Trackers On Any Vehicle

Free for 30 days, the Ace then incurs a monthly fee protects and secures your logs in the cloud for future use. Measuring only 1 x 1. Its diminutive size allows to easily hide underneath a seat , in a glove box or any other storage area inside a vehicle.

WL-TK104 Pro (Portable OR Hardwired Tracker)

The paid monthly service plan allows users to cancel anytime but comes with a host of handy features via the downloadable iPhone and Android app. It can provide e-mail and text message alerts for movement, geofencing, speeding and low battery. There's also an SOS button for emergency services. Run reports based on visits, arrival and departure as well as Alert for un-authorised departures Fringe Benefit Tax Reporting Automatically run FBT Summary Reports with fields for business and private trip reporting Alerts.

Car Tracking Device Installation Made Easy

Recognised as the most superior mapping technology available which also includes Google Street View and Google Traffic. Monitor the temperature live for cargo bay allowing Proof of temp and delivery points as well as on-route. Driving a car is a big responsibility Back to Blog. Related Products.

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