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Rush services are also available to our clients at no additional cost, however some conditions apply. In Canada, in order to obtain a name based criminal record check search, a properly completed and signed informed consent must be completed by the applicant. The witness must verify the identity of the person being searched, by checking two pieces of ID, one of which must be a proper photo ID as described on the consent.

We recommend that all applicants be rechecked every two years. Please call us for information. In some cases, the sentencing judge may give an offender credit for time they have spent in jail before being sentenced.

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This means that for every day the offender spent in pre-sentence custody, the judge reduces the jail sentence by two days. For example, if the judge feels that a 45 day jail sentence is appropriate, and an offender spent 15 days in jail in pre-sentence custody, the judge may reduce the sentence that they were going to impose by 30 days, making the sentence 15 days instead of For example, if an offender gets an intermittent sentence, they may go jail on the weekends, i.

This continues until the sentence is finished.

For example, a judge may let an offender serve an intermittent sentence by being in jail from Monday until Friday and being out of jail on weekends. When an offender serving an intermittent sentence is not in jail, they are on a probation order. To get an intermittent sentence, the offender will usually have to show the judge that they have a job or other significant responsibilities e.

Judges are also unlikely to give an intermittent sentence to an offender that has a criminal record that includes charges such as breach of probation or fail to comply with recognizance. A conditional sentence is an imprisonment jail sentence, except that the offender serves the sentence outside of jail, under strict, jail-like conditions.

Just like imprisonment, a conditional sentence will result in a conviction being registered against the offender. To give an offender a conditional sentence, the judge first imposes a sentence of imprisonment and then considers whether to let the offender serve the sentence outside of jail. There are restrictions on when a judge can impose a conditional sentence. A judge can only impose a conditional sentence if:. Conditional sentences have mandatory conditions, and they usually also have restrictions that make it like a jail sentence. House arrest is often part of a conditional sentence; at least for part of the sentence.

House arrest usually means that the offender must stay in their home at all times or during certain hours unless they are working, attending school or religious worship, or for medical appointments or emergencies.

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Other conditions attached may be similar to those of a probation order. It is also common for a probation order to follow a conditional sentence. A conditional sentence is supervised by a conditional sentence supervisor who is actually a probation officer.

Every conditional sentence requires the offender to report to the conditional sentence supervisor at least once. On many conditional sentences, the offender has to report several times. If an offender allegedly breaks one or more of the conditions of a conditional sentence, there may be a hearing held in front of a judge. If the judge is convinced that the offender broke one or more of the conditions without a lawful or reasonable excuse, the judge may make the offender serve the remaining time in jail.

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