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Please thoroughly review your Tax Notice as it provides much helpful information such as a discount for early payment.


Tax Notices are not required by State law but are sent as a reminder. Property owners are expected to pay Property Tax on time each year regardless of whether a Tax Notice is received.

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If you do not receive your notice s by October 10 of any given year, please notify our office immediately if your mortgage company pays your taxes, they should receive the notice. If you own multiple parcels of property, please make sure you receive all of your notices and pay for each one.

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Also, please notify us if your mailing address changes. If you buy or sell property during a tax year, the owner name on the official tax roll will be the owner as of January 1.

We typically attempt to send a tax notice to the new owner because we do not know who has been made responsible for the Property Tax at the closing of the sale. Normally, the taxes are prorated at closing and the buyer is made the responsible party. The Court of Appeals affirmed.

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