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Joseph — Joseph Law Office. Attorney, Advisor to U. Department of Commerce; Washington, D. Jacobs , Delaware Chancery Court. Attorney, Former Marion Co. House of Representatives. Washington, DC James C. Neil H. Owens, Jr. Price, Jr. Managing Director. Tucker Ronzetti P. Lawrence Rutstein — Former corporate attorney. Davis and Jacob E. Judith S. Foster Professor of Law, Cornell University. Edward Yates — Former Asst.

Newton, MA. Dana Apple — Adjunct Professor, U. Paul, Minnesota. Robert S. John S. Hartford, CT. Boston, Massachusetts. Alice Bullard, Esq. Seattle, WA. Lewis H. Bethesda, MD. Honolulu, Hawaii. Kathleen Gilbert-Macmillan — Member, U.

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Joel Goldstein — Vincent C. Louis, MI. Joanna Grossman — Ellen K. Rodney Hatley — Lieutenant Commander, U. Observers hoped for a political breakthrough in international climate change negotiations and a timetable for a successor agreement to the Kyoto Protocol, which expires in Ignoring it will ultimately undermine economic growth. In a letter to Yvo de Boer, the head of the U.

Climate Change Secretariat, Rep. Congress, the states, cities, and Americans from coast to coast [were] looking to act immediately on global warming. The Bali Road Map includes the Bali Action Plan, which charts the course for a new negotiating process designed to tackle climate change, with the aim of completing this by But if for some reason you are not willing to lead, leave it to the rest of us. Please, get out of the way. James Connaughton, chairman of the White House CEQ and a top environmental adviser to the Bush administration, said that he continued to oppose mandatory limits on U.

Three months after the Bali conference, talks opened in Bangkok, Thailand, from March 31 st to April 4 th , , in an attempt to advance the Bali Road Map. Other nations took consolation from the fact that Bush would soon be leaving office.

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President-elect Barack Obama did not attend, as he did not assume office until Jan. A prelude to COP, the World Business Summit on Climate Change was one of a series of meetings during designed to press governments to take the radical measures that will be needed in Copenhagen; it was held there from May 24thth. Germany and other industrial nations must do the same by to China only has until , and the world as a whole must be carbon free by Intersessional Informal Consultations were held in Bonn from August , as a prologue to the ad-hoc working group meetings to be held in Bangkok later this fall.

They resulted in little progress and a warning from the director general of the UNFCCC, Yvo de Boer, that if the speed of progress does not increase, an agreement on a successor to the Kyoto Protocol in Copenhagen in December will not be possible. Climate meetings sponsored by the U. See infra. There was conflict between rich and poor nations over proposals to require developing nations to control emissions after Delegates from Mexico said that the U.

On Sept. However, on Oct. Times reported that hopes are not high that the major differences among the major GHG emitters will be resolved before the meeting or that it will produce a comprehensive new treaty. A final round of U. On the 6 th of November, the Barcelona talks ended with the U. Chamber of Commerce issued a report on Nov. The Council on Foreign Relations held a symposium on Nov. The first secretary at the Chinese embassy in Washington stated that industrialized nations were responsible for getting the world in the condition it is in and should bear the majority of the costs that developing nations will have to spend to remedy it.

None of the participants expected specific emissions limits to be set in Copenhagen. In Nov. On Monday, Nov. Danish Climate Minister Connie Hedegaard will present a concise page draft proposal for a binding political agreement. On Nov. A climate-friendly car is parked outside. One of the major reasons was the lack of progress on U.

The cluster of seven initiatives, partnerships, action plans, and research centers covers a range of low-carbon energy strategies from electric cars to energy efficiency technologies. President Obama announced in November that he may attend the Copenhagen conference in Dec. He will deliver a speech in Copenhagen on Dec.

For academic commentary, see, e. COP nearly collapsed on the last day and might have done so but for the intervention of President Obama; even so, it was not viewed as an unqualified success.

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Hopefully the Accord will morph into a binding legal agreement by the end of It was accepted by of the attending countries by the end of the meeting, and only five—Bolivia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Sudan—refused it. Countries have until Jan.

According to U. Joseph E. On Jan. It suggests a new, more flexible approach, after the inability to come up with a binding successor agreement in Copenhagen, that would focus on major emitters, which the data from the World Resources Institute says are China By Jan. On Feb. Framework Convention on Climate Change, announced he would resign on July 1 st ; he had held office since September Christiana Figueres, a Costa Rican diplomat, will replace him; she was selected on May 15 th and approved on May 17, Eric J.

COP on other early attempts to lower expectations for the Cancun meeting.

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However, the news that several Democratic Senators Sen. Chris Dodd D-Conn. Byron Dorgan D-N. Then, on Jan. A report released by the U. Environment Program on Feb. Todd Stern, the U.

Climate Change Conference began Oct. Attended by 3, delegates and observers from countries, it was the last opportunity to make progress on a successor to the Kyoto Protocol before Cancun. To quote from Science :. The lead U. China, meanwhile, scolded the United States for using the Asian nation as a scapegoat for its own foot-dragging on addressing climate change. In the toxic atmosphere, delegates made only modest progress on issues such as a plan to pay nations to preserve forests. Lyman, Climate Change: U.