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Human or natural disturbance: Landscape-scale dynamics of the tropical forests of puerto rico. Ecological Applications 9 2 : Freyfogle, E. The Owning and taking of sensitive lands. The construction of ownership. University of Illinois Law Review 1 : Gaventa, J. Heasley, L. The politics of manure: Resource tenure and the agropastoral economy in Southwestern Niger.

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Society and Natural Resources 9 1 : Hix, D. Early stand development on former oak sites in southwestern Wisconsin. Forest Ecology and Management Ice, J. Jackson, J. Johnson, H.

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Order Upon the Land: The U. Johnson, L. Kline, D. North Point Press, New York.


God's Spirit and a Theology for Living. Knowles, A. Historical GIS: The spatial turn in social science history. Social Science History Kotar, J. Langston, N. People and nature: Understanding the changing interactions between people and ecological systems.

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Laycock, W. The Conservation Reserve Program—How did we get where we are and wheredowegofromhere? Symposium Proceedings, U.

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    Land use. In Kraybill, D. It demonstrates how to decide what code to use when a property is either clearly described or inadequately described. The number "0" has been reserved to fill in the coding structure where description of a property is inadequate to assign a code at the division level, subdivision level or where it was not necessary to establish a subdivision level.

    A Recreation and Entertainment facility that cannot be classified at a division level, should be coded "" category. An amusement facility that is not a fairground, amusement park, game farm, or a social organization should be coded "" division. It does not have living accommodations and cannot be specifically related to any of the other divisions in the agricultural category.

    Usually found when an operating farm is made up of a number of contiguous parcels. This following property classification code changes will be established beginning with the assessment roll. Please make the necessary changes now, as you update your assessment roll. Accessory apartments are usually contained within or added to the principle residence and are often occupied by immediate family members.

    If the value of the land and timber exceeds the value of the seasonal dwelling, the property should be listed as forest land see category May be a mixture of codes 's, 's, and 's, or all one type. Primary use is residential.

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    The following property classification code changes will be established beginning with the assessment roll. Does not include a small garage where space is being rented out see code The improvement reflects the framework or outer structure of a building without any interior finish. See code for individual mobile homes. A parcel including an office building on land located adjacent to or near an automobile assembly plant and used principally by the automobile manufacturer for its own offices should be coded as industrial under the appropriate division below.

    However, if such building is used principally by tenants leasing space therein, the parcel should be coded as commercial. Also, an office building used principally by an industrial concern but located remote from its manufacturing plant should be coded as commercial rather than industrial e. Parcels used for research aimed primarily at improving products should be coded as industrial, while parcels used for marketing research should be coded as commercial. You could put the same six digits in the parcel number field and click the parcel search button to get the same results.

    The Qtr selection box divides the section into quarters and the QtrQtr selection box gives you a quarter of the quarter section specified in the Qtr box or, in other words, one-sixteenth of the entire section. You must make a Qtr selection in order to use the QtrQtr box. Select additional options for displaying the results, for eg: Tax Year. Website version: 9.


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